Learning Haskell moved

Arjan van IJzendoorn afie@cs.uu.nl
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:38:10 +0100

Hello all,

The Learning Haskell page has moved to a better place, the official Haskell
homepage. You can now find it at


and through a link on the Haskell homepage index.

Jerzy wrote:

> I would add some significant papers, such as John Hughes'
> "Why functional programming matters", etc.

I've added that paper to the introduction. Other suggestions are welcome.

> and perhaps - for some, a little bit advanced readers - some
> other papers, introducing type classes, perhaps monads (Wadler)

I have added a link to the comp.lang.functional FAQ. It answers many
questions beginners might have about functional programming in general, but
also about specific languages. And it tells you which papers to read about

> [...] perhaps be a good
> idea to put down a relatively comprehensive, easy comparison
> between Haskell and other languages, notably functional: Clean,
> also: Scheme, absolutely: ML variants, and Erlang.

Good idea. I've started a table which you can find a link to in the Learning
Haskell introduction. If people have suggestions for other columns, can fill
in question marks, know of more important languages, tell us. Or, if you
have writing permissions on the Haskell homepage, update the table.

Cheers, Arjan