ANNOUNCE: Learning Haskell portal, version 0.1

Arjan van IJzendoorn
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 20:05:35 +0100

Hello all,

Often we see messages from people who want to learn Haskell (something we
applaud), but don't know where to begin. The Haskell homepage offers a lot
of information, links and papers, but there is no page aimed specifically at
beginning programmers. That's why I started to collect some links and put
them on one single webpage. I thought about what the target audience would
be interested in: getting an implementation, buying a book, reading course
material, looking up functions in references and so on.

The page I have now is a first start and I will work on it more. I've
probably overseen many good tutorials, maybe a book here or there, listed an
incorrect pro or con of an implementation and what not. Please tell me about
it. If you have useful contributions ( nice slides, exercises with(out)
solutions, some handout you give to your students which everyone could
benefit from ) tell me about it, too.

Enough talk:

Cheers, Arjan

PS: As one of the people in the Helium team I would not recommend beginners
to use Helium yet. The absence of classes which leads to simpler types and
messages is just not compatible with the text books and other teaching
materials. Our plan is to add enough support for classes so that you can use
the books without modification. This can be expected this summer. From that
moment on, I will definitely recommend Helium to beginners since the
feedback from the system is really great.