separate compilation [was Re: Global variables?]

Iavor S. Diatchki
Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:16:33 -0800


Andrew J Bromage wrote:
> ...
> What H98 does is it defines a language for which separate compilation
> is at best extremely difficult and at worst virtually impossible
> without extra information which is not part of H98 (such as GHC's
> hi-boot files).
 > ...

why do you think separate compilation is difficult to achieve in Haskell 
98?  as simon pointed out, GHC does it and has been doing it for a long 
time.  dealing with mutually recusrive modules is i think a separate 
issue.  even though GHC doesn't quite do it, it is certainly possible, 
and not very difficult to do.  in fact we have it implemented in one of 
the projects i am currently working on. hopefully one day GHC will also 
dispense with the hi-boot files.

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