Long Time

Andrew Williams andreww@aemail4u.com
Fri, 15 Aug 2003 22:33:50 +0100

Dear Sir=2C
I know you may be suprised to receive this mail=2C especially as we have not met in person before  but Please do not be embarrassed for I mean good=2E I was opportuned to have your contact from the  South Africa Information Exchange =28S=2EA=2EI=2EE=2E=29=2C in my search for a reliable person to handle a very  confidential transaction which involve a transfer of fund and its investment in your country=2E
My name is ANDREW WILLIAMS=2C a South African expatriate staff of one of the reputable financial  institutions in Zurich=2C Switzerland=2E We act as financial advisors and on special arrangements=2C  accept Deposits of valuables from our customers for safekeeping=2E
Few months ago=2C we received information about the sudden death of one of our prominent customers  from Angola in Africa=2E Our enquiry at the Embassy confirmed that he died with the leader of  UNITA=2C Dr=2E Jonas Savimbi in an ambush laid by the enemy Government forces=2E The issue now is that  the customer has a Deposit of Fifty Million US Dollars =28 USD50M=29 in our custody=2C which he  declared as a consignment of GOLD & DIAMONDS=2E I am the only person with the accurate information  about the Deposit because I acted as his adviser and proxy when he was alive=2E I knew the money  actually came from Diamond Mines in Angola where he was the Chairman of the States' Mining  Corporation during the Government of now late Dr=2E Savimbi=2E It may also interest you to know that=2C  for obvious reasons=2C the man did not provide any next-of-kin at the time of making the Deposit=2C  and more so=2C he lodged the entire deposit under the name of LONG TIME INVESTMENTS LTD=2C with a  non-existing address=2E The Deposit is now due for clearing and all efforts by our company to  contact any of his relatives through the address he provided proved futile=2E By the regulations of  the company=2C if more 30 days passes without any person showing up claiming to be the next of kin  or relative of the customer=2C the entire Deposit will be recovered and if found to be cash=2C the  money will be given away to Charities or secretly be converted into trading in favor of the  company=2C and can never be accounted for again=2E 
With my position as his proxy=2C and the knowledge I have about the Deposit=2C I can successfully  organize the claim of the Deposit without any problem provided I have a credible and capable  person to receive the Deposit=2E I cannot function in this regard because of my status in the  company=2C therefore=2C I am proposing to you to receive the money in your care for our mutual  personal use=2E Being an insider=2C I know what to do to pull the deal through without any problem  whatsoever=2E 
The Deposit is being secured in our central Warehouse in Europe and all I need from you now are  your PARTICULARS=2C including=2C TELEPHONE and FAX NUMBERS to set up the process required to release  the Deposit to you=2E Once that is done=2C the Deposit will be released to you through a friendly  Security=2FSafe Deposit Company in Europe where you have to move in to collect =2E I will complete  the Deposit releasing process within 2-3 days and furnish you with particulars and contact person  of the security company in Europe so that you can arrage for the clearing and collection=2E
My dear Friend=2C no doubt=2C this is an opportunity for us to excel in life=2E Therefore=2C if you are  interested kindly inform me by email or you can phone at +41-795-328250=2C and please do not forget  to furnish  your particulars including=2C Address=2C Telephone and Fax numbers to enable me commence  the operation immediately=2E I am willing to share 40% of the total funds to you=2C 10% would be  given out to Charities while 50% would remain for me=2E I am interested to invest my share of the  money in Real Estates=2C Capital & Money markets in your country=2E
With your support and co-operation=2C this transaction is set to be completed within one week=2E
Be rest assured that the business is 100% risk-free=2C safe and secure but for security reasons  however=2C you are advised to treat it with all privacies and strictest of confidentiality=2E 
Best regards=2C