GHC XmlParse

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:54:11 +0100

Christof Lehmann <> writes:

> I have a small program with a 'import XmlParse' - statement.
> During compiling with ghc --make main.hs I get following 
> error message
> ghc-5.02.2: chasing modules from: main.hs
> ghc-5.02.2: can't find module `XmlTypes'
> Ghc finds modules like IO and System.
> Which option do I need, that ghc finds the Xml... - modules.

Try adding "-package text".

Btw, the version of HaXml (1.00) supplied with ghc-5.02.2 is well
out-of-date now.  Newer versions are distributed separately - see
If you build and install HaXml from sources, then the ghc option you
will need to use it is "-package HaXml".