wiki problems

Keith Wansbrough
Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:53:16 +0100

> yeah, the current Wiki is full of problems. There was an effort underway
> to move the content over to the UseMod Wiki which is much more
> stable/featureful. what is the status of that project? Is any help
> needed?
>         John

Ah.  It was me - I was planning to do this, but it has slipped through
the cracks, partly because converting the old pages over felt too
hard.  I prefer UseMod, and checked with the Haskell list that this
would be OK.

I like Isaac Jones' suggestion:

> Either way, if anyone is actually thinking
> about this, I would suggest to them that they just put up a relatively
> blank wiki along side the old one, and let people copy the contents
> out of the old one (unless there are automatic tools to do this).
> At least then we could get the wiki rolling.  I personally have felt
> that I didn't want to add anything because the wiki was either broken
> or going away soon.  Other people might have felt like that too.

I'll make this happen within the week if I can.  Watch this space!

--KW 8-)