wiki problems

Isaac Jones
11 Apr 2003 09:51:50 -0400

John Meacham <> writes:

> yeah, the current Wiki is full of problems. There was an effort underway
> to move the content over to the UseMod Wiki which is much more
> stable/featureful. what is the status of that project? Is any help
> needed?

Someone on IRC mentioned moving it to MoinMoin, which seems to be more
featureful than UseMod.  Either way, if anyone is actually thinking
about this, I would suggest to them that they just put up a relatively
blank wiki along side the old one, and let people copy the contents
out of the old one (unless there are automatic tools to do this).

At least then we could get the wiki rolling.  I personally have felt
that I didn't want to add anything because the wiki was either broken
or going away soon.  Other people might have felt like that too.

Anyway, I'd be glad to help copy the contents from the old one if we
just put both of them up.