state of FRP

Isaac Jones
09 Apr 2003 11:56:41 -0400


I'm interested in learning more about Functional Reactive Programming
since I want to be a better designer of Haskell programs.  I don't
want to use it for animation or GUIs in particular, but as a general
design paradigm.

With some digging, one discovers which has some
pointers to papers on frp, but each of them seems to describe
something new or domain specific wrt frp.  I'd love advice about what
order to read these papers in.  Is there any more general introduction
to frp for a working programmer?

In learning Monads, I found standard libraries like
Control.Monad.State to be extremely instructive since they encapsulate
the basic operations that are available.  (I wrote some documentation
for this module a few weeks back to share what I learned.  Its in CVS
now.) So I'm curious about frp libraries. mentions an frp library that will exist one day.  The
manual looks interesting and this seems like it would be a good place
to start, but Yale FRP is, alas, not yet available.

Further poking reveals which has an available
snapshot, but no documentation.

Any advice out there on how to go about learning frp?  Should I see
what I can glean from using functional reactive animation or GUI