A problem with haskell-mode

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 14:43:26 +0100

> I had the same problem, and I found a fix somewhere.=20
> Don't reember what exactly I had to change so I'll just send=20
> you my Haskell section of xemacs init.el.
> By the way I get an error whenever I type "undefined". Anyone=20
> else noticed it?
> (1) (error/warning) Error in `post-command-hook' (setting=20
> hook to nil):=20
> (wrong-type-argument listp a )

I'm officially the maintainer of the emacs Haskell mode since Reuben
Thomas left, but I deleted the section of my brain that contained my
knowledge of emacs lisp in order to make more room for GHC, so I'm not a
very effective maintainer I'm afraid :(

Offers to take over the maintainership are entirely welcome, but in the
meantime I'm happy to add any fixes for these kinds of problems to the
web page and/or the source.