storing to a file

Johan Steunenberg
14 Nov 2002 14:37:45 +0100

Hello Feri,

thanks for your advice, I guess it sweetens the situation, though I
really would like to know how to store in a binary format.

Have a nice day,


Am Don, 2002-11-14 um 11.15 schrieb Ferenc Wagner:
> Johan Steunenberg <> writes:
> > how to store a Double, or any non-char, to a file.
> I can give you a general advice: store it in ASCII format
> via show, unless you have *VERY* strong reasons against it.
> Yes, it results in bigger files (but you can compress them),
> and slower (what compression makes even worse) but you gain
> easy view/edit and compatibility.  I couple of years ago I
> was very fond of binary formats...
>                                         Feri.
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