Ground Up

Theodore Norvell
Fri, 01 Mar 2002 12:37:07 -0800

> Different compilers are not 100% compatible each to other,
> and even different versions of the same compilers may be
> incompatible. You should be ready either to stick yourself
> and your co-wokers to a certain version of the compiler or
> to spend some significal time to keep you programs working
> with any compiler.

Sorry to disagree.  I ported an application that's about
6,000 lines of H'98 code from NHC to GHC.  This took less than
an hour.  (I think the only problem had to do with import
rules.) Both before and after it was compatible with HUGS.
After I got it past the GHC compiler without errors, there
were no subsequent problems with differing interpretations.
Earlier ports from Gofer to NHC1.3 and from NHC1.3 to NHC98
where also fairly painless (mostly syntax fiddling).  So I have
to agree with SPJ, Haskell '98 is consistantly supported by
multiple implementations.

If you stray outside of Haskell '98, it can be expected that
things will not be so smooth, since you will then be using features
that range from nonstandard to experimental.

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