François Bédard bedard@info.uqam.ca
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 13:01:55 -0400


I find it interesting that Haskell should make native provision for a 
basic form of literate programming, and this immediately suggests, of 
course, the possibility of mixing code with LaTeX commands.

The problem is that putting one's hand on a dedicated LaTeX extension 
doesn't seem so straightforward. The link to Andrew Cooke's haskell.sty 
is broken and I couldn't find the file at his new home 
(www.acooke.org/andrew/). Other possibilities such as Manuel 
Chakravarty's, lambdaTex and lhs2tex (which I, admittedly, have only 
looked at briefly) deviate from the \begin{code}...\end{code} suggested 
by the report and seem to require more (La)TeX proficiency on the part 
of the user. As my interest is to introduce the ideas of literate 
programming and LaTeX to people thorougly unfamiliar with such, I need 
to keep things as simple as possible - of special interest is the fact 
that a given file can be submitted as is to both hugs and latex, without 
the need for preprocessing.

I've tried to address the question by redefining an existing environment


but moreverb and the like depend on verbatim which is apparently the one 
environment you can't use like this and I'm no such LaTeX guru that I 
can come up with better alternatives.

So the question is : would anyone know where to find haskell.sty 
(presuming that's what I need) or is there some fairly simple solution 
I've missed ?