Ground Up

Richard Uhtenwoldt
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 09:25:35 -0800

>> * I still have no clue of most (ok, almost all) of what is being
>>   discussed in this mailing list
>Me neither; don't let that worry you.  I'd advise you to ignore
>threads about difficult issues -- a lot of stuff discussed here is
>rare borderline cases that are mostly of interest to implementors, and 
>not you and me. :-)

I agree!  Just focus on a goal, like understanding "anonymous
functions", recursion, type classes or the IO monad.

Since you mention you do not have money, let me make sure you know that
knowing Haskell has approximately zero value in today's job market 
because Haskell so far has been taken up by very few
employers.  I'd venture that most employers of programmers have not yet
even heard of Haskell.  So, it's not a resume-builder like knowing C or
Java or Perl or SQL is.

(Of course if you are a student learning it for class or an employer
or future employer *told* you to learn Haskell, then that's different.)