Ground Up

Rijk J. C. van Haaften
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:05:16 +0100

Jerry wrote

>However, my problems are:
>* I still don't understand most of the codes I found, like the various
>   haskell libraries
Practice is the only answer to this problem, as Keith Wansbrough says.

>* I still have no clue of most (ok, almost all) of what is being
>   discussed in this mailing list
Though I am a CS student, being highly interested in Haskell and
practising a lot, I didn't understand most of the discussions on
this mailing list.
I started understanding them only after I got involved in implementing
a Haskell compiler.
Therefore, don't worry about this point. A haskell-user doesn't
need to know the details of the haskell compiler ins and outs.

Rijk-Jan van Haaften