a more practical version of getLine???

Dean Herington heringto@cs.unc.edu
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 17:20:00 -0500 (EST)

If you're using GHC, take a look at module Readline in the util package
(http://www.haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/set/readline.html).  I don't know
which other Haskell systems support this module.

Dean Herington

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Rich wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm writing a program for my final project at uni and I've come across the 
> following annoying bug in my program.  Basically, I have an interactive 
> text prompt and I wish to be able to write commands into the prompt.  I am 
> currently using the function 'getLine', which as it's name suggests reads a 
> line of text from the prompt.  Unfortunately, when the delete key is used 
> while writing to the prompt, the output differs (so typing "loaf" then 
> 'delete' and then "d" does not seem to produce the same output as typing 
> "load").  Also, the left and right arrow keys don't work, as they do in any 
> normal text prompt.
> Any suggestins as to an alternative method to read the input???  (I'm by no 
> means a Haskell expert btw, so I may have to be spoon fed!)
> thanks for your help,
> Rich.