a more practical version of getLine???

Rich rich.geary@ntlworld.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 21:42:27 -0000


I'm writing a program for my final project at uni and I've come across the 
following annoying bug in my program.  Basically, I have an interactive 
text prompt and I wish to be able to write commands into the prompt.  I am 
currently using the function 'getLine', which as it's name suggests reads a 
line of text from the prompt.  Unfortunately, when the delete key is used 
while writing to the prompt, the output differs (so typing "loaf" then 
'delete' and then "d" does not seem to produce the same output as typing 
"load").  Also, the left and right arrow keys don't work, as they do in any 
normal text prompt.

Any suggestins as to an alternative method to read the input???  (I'm by no 
means a Haskell expert btw, so I may have to be spoon fed!)

thanks for your help,