Malcolm Wallace
Fri, 15 Feb 2002 12:24:37 +0000

> > The latest version of hmake (3.01) has support for calling a
> > preprocessor based on the filename extension,

> That's nice.  Is it user-configurable?  (i.e. without changing the compiler)

At the moment, the list of preprocessors is coded into hmake (not
the compiler).  The main reason for not storing it in an editable
configuration file is because some of the options are functions,
which don't readily lend themselves to Show and Read instances...

However, like I said, there isn't much to it - anyone could edit
the sources to add 5 lines for their favorite preprocessor.  And I'm
sure if user-configurability turns out to be a much-desired feature, we
can recode the functional options somehow to be able to read them from
a config file.