Reproducing lazy evaluation in Scheme

David Barton
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 16:21:01 -0400

All right, I know this is a stupid question.  I know the models of
evaluation in call by name and call by value languages; however, I am
kind of puzzled by trying to reproduce call by name in a call by value
language using force and delay.  If I put a delay around the right
side of each equation and around each expression in a function call
(*all* function calls?), and a force call around each variable
reference, would that get me call by name semantics?  Am I completely
screwed up here?  Is something more necessary?

I'm trying to get the gumption up to try a proof by substitution of
this idea, but I cringe at the formula manipulation.......

					Dave Barton <*> )0(