HaXml, memory usage and segmentation fault

Joe English jenglish@flightlab.com
Mon, 29 Oct 2001 11:10:11 -0800

Dmitry Astapov wrote:
>  JE> I tried this as well, modifying your program to use an XML parser I
>  JE> wrote a while ago that has better laziness properties than the HaXML
>  JE> one.  Alas, my parser also suffers from a space leak under Hugs, so
>  JE> this only deferred the problem.  Under ghc/ghci, though, it has modest
>  JE> memory requirements and runs without paging.
> Is it's distribution restricted? Is it possible to get it somwhere, use it,
> patch it, etc?

If you don't mind a complete lack of documentation, sure :-)

The code is alpha quality; there are a few missing features
and a couple of things that it just gets wrong, but it's
basically working.  I'll package it up and put it on the Web
when I get a chance.  This may take a day or two...

--Joe English