HaXml, memory usage and segmentation fault

Dmitry Astapov adept@umc.com.ua
29 Oct 2001 17:54:49 +0200

 JE> I got it to compile with ghc 5.02 using

 JE> ghc --make -package lang translate.hs

 JE> The compiled version succeeds, but on a large document it uses a *lot*
 JE> of memory and starts paging pretty badly.

Exactly. iPIII-800/192M ram died on me swapping when I tried to run
compiled version with 16M big stack and input file with 100000 children in
one node.

>>  JE> Try the identity transform 'main = processXmlWith keep' on your sample
>>  JE> document and see if that runs out of heap too.  If so, there's not
>>  JE> much you can do short of replacing the HaXml parser.

I tried this with ghc 5.02, and it run in 20M RAM or so. It could be less,
but at least it runs, and not segfaults as hugs :)

 JE> I tried this as well, modifying your program to use an XML parser I
 JE> wrote a while ago that has better laziness properties than the HaXML
 JE> one.  Alas, my parser also suffers from a space leak under Hugs, so
 JE> this only deferred the problem.  Under ghc/ghci, though, it has modest
 JE> memory requirements and runs without paging.

Is it's distribution restricted? Is it possible to get it somwhere, use it,
patch it, etc?

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