"Lambda Dance", Haskell polemic, etc. on O'Reilly site

Jerzy Karczmarczuk karczma@info.unicaen.fr
Fri, 30 Mar 2001 11:28:01 +0100

Fritz K Ruehr wrote:


> The second link is a little polemic entitled "Why People Aren't Using
> Haskell", which I presume would be of interest to readers of this
> list (the author is Dejan Jelovic, whom I don't recognize as a regular
> contributor here):
>         <http://www.jelovic.com/articles/why_people_arent_using_haskell.htm>

If you didn't verify this site, forget it. There is NOTHING serious

Over and over again the same silly song, by a person who - visibly -
had never anything to do with functional languages, who thinks now
about hiring some C and java programmers living in Belgrade, but who
writes such silly, incompetent things as:

> And there is an air of staleness: where new versions of these other
> languages appear frequently, the Haskell community is offering you 
> Hugs98. 

Delovic points out that some languages became "immensely" popular,
as e.g. Ruby, and that Haskell is marginal.  Hm. this extremely
orthodox Japanese essence of O-O programming may have some practical
merits, especially those which come from shameless borrowing from
Eiffel, Sather, Clu and Common Lisp, but calling Haskell "marginal"
or "obscure" informs us not what is Haskell, but who is Jelovic.
He accuses the Haskell community of not providing libraries...


Perhaps there is *one* point worth mentioning: the necessity to
publish papers about Haskell far from such journals as JFP or HOSC,
but to try to reach DrDobbs etc. I would add: Software: Practice
and experience, and journals on numerical software where one could
show some non-trivial implementations of practical, numerical

Jerzy Karczmarczuk
Caen, France

PS. What is "hamster dance", anyway?