"Lambda Dance", Haskell polemic, etc. on O'Reilly site

Fritz K Ruehr fruehr@willamette.edu
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:36:54 -0800 (PST)

Forgive me if the following links were announced here and I just missed
them. I found them through the O'Reilley Meerkat "Open Wire Service",
in the "Lambda" channel of the "Lang" category (see:


). The first link is the "Lambda Dance" page, presumably inspired by
the infamous "Hamster Dance" (if you don't know the latter, you are
better off for it, so don't ask):


"Beta-reduce the night away", as the site says!

The second link is a little polemic entitled "Why People Aren't Using
Haskell", which I presume would be of interest to readers of this
list (the author is Dejan Jelovic, whom I don't recognize as a regular
contributor here):


There are several other interesting looking links on the Meerkat
site ("Moving FP from Academia", "Object Functional Patterns", etc.),
but I will let you investigate on your own. Enjoy ...

  --  Fritz Ruehr, still humming to the lambda dance