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On Wed, 3 Jan 2001 22:55:17 -0800 (PST)
 Fritz K Ruehr <fruehr@willamette.edu> wrote:
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> An O'Reilly "nutshell" book is an even better suggestion
> than
> my "Design Patterns in Haskell" of a few days back, at
> least
> from the perspective of marketing and promotion. 
> But it raises the issue of an appropriate animal mascot
> for
> the cover; I can only come up with the Uakari, an
> exotic-looking
> rainforest monkey, which sounds similar to "Curry". 
> (look here for a picture:)
> 	<http://www.animalsoftherainforest.com/uakari.htm>

Lalit Pant ( lalitp@acm.org ) (alternatively, lalit_pant@yahoo.com ) wrote an article in the May 2000 issue of _Java Report_ entitled "Developing Intelligent Systems With Java and Prolog" that described a Prolog implementation of the A-star search algorithm.  Lalit stated that Prolog was useful for algorithm prototyping.

Perhaps Lalit Pant and Simon Peyton Jones could collaborate together on an article, perhaps overseen by Paul Hudak, on prototyping search algorithms in Haskell, also for _The Java Report?_  If this article then had a high readership, maybe the article's success could then justify publication of an O'Reilly _Haskell in a Nutshell_ book?


P. S. (Hi Doug Fields.  I didn't know that you were reading this mailing list.  I guess that I should also greet Professor Paul Hudak:  Hello, Professor Hudak.  Sorry about Collectively Speaking.  How's jazz in general?)

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