Typing units correctly

David Barton dlb@wash.averstar.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 06:43:06 -0500

Tom Pledger writes:

   In both of those cases, the apparent non-integer dimension is
   accompanied by a particular unit (km, V).  So, could they equally
   well be handled by stripping away the units and exponentiating a
   dimensionless number?  For example:

       (x / 1V) ^ y

I think not.  The "Dimension Types" paper really is excellent, and
makes the distinction between the necessity of exponents on the
dimensions and the exponents on the numbers very clear; I commend it
to everyone in this discussion.  The two things (a number of "square
root volts" and a "number of volts to an exponent" are different
things, unless you are simply trying to represent a ground number as
an expression!

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