tutorial and other random bits

Shae Erisson shae@webwitches.com
Sun, 29 Apr 2001 15:54:03 +0300

Hi, I've started learning Haskell, but I'm coming from a Python/Java/SQL/etc background.
I've learned a bit of elisp and scheme in my travels, but Haskell is very very different even from those two.

The gentle introduction seems more like a brickbat to me, the best things I've found so far are homework assignments from various CS classes around the world.

I've looked for a good irc channel dedicated to haskell, and not found one. I've also searched for a tutorial that works along the same lines as the Python tutorial, and not found one.

I have lots of complete beginner questions...

Also, it seems the Haskell Wiki has lost many pages again. Would it be possible to use MoinMoin instead of pyWiki?

I looked at the "applications written in Haskell" links, but many of the links are dead.
I have found some sample code by searching google, but I'd really like to find a library of small pieces of demo code showing the various idioms and useful basics. Does such a thing exist?
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