Haskell Programming Environment

Adrian Hey ahey@eptools.demon.co.uk
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 16:47:22 +0100 (BST)


On Wed 25 Oct,  Pawe=B3 Kot wrote:
> I have some concepts, but I would like to hear some suggestions from you.

How about being able to type check partially written modules?

Carlos Camarao posted a link to an implementation of type system CT
in Haskell..

Of course you don't really want to use a different type sytem from that
currently used by Haskell. I believe this system makes use of 'principal
typings' to infer the types of free variables from the context they are
used, so it can be used to type check incomplete modules/programs. I can't
think why such a system should be incompatible with the current Haskell typ=
system. It seems quite appropriate for an interactive development
environment and should be able to give more intelligent error reports.

Adrian Hey