Will Haskell be commercialized in the future?

Doug Ransom Doug_Ransom@pml.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 09:15:52 -0800

Development tools for OO now are as good as smalltalk-80.  I expect the
benefits of FP to be widely adopted in industry by 2020.   

XSLT is kind of cool and taking off.  Not exactly functional but there is no
destructive assignment.

A lot of the things Haskell excells at (IMO) inferior tools are being used
in place.  For example, microsoft has build good XSLT translators and two
new compilers (C#, VB7) in the last couple years. Unfortunately, C#, not
Haskell, will probably be "the" language for the next decade.  Fortunately,
C++ will not be the  language of the next decade. 

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> Subject: Will Haskell be commercialized in the future?
> In my opinion there are many more real world problems, that 
> can be most
> efficiently solved with functional languages like Haskell, as 
> (software)
> industry can think of at the moment; they only know their C/C++, Java,
> etc. but can't even think of the power of functional programming or at
> least don't take languages like Haskell for full. (Of corse, there are
> exceptions to the rule, too.)
> What do you think: Will Haskell (the related compilers/tools) be
> "commercialized" in the future?
> Christian
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