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Nigel Perry N.Perry@massey.ac.nz
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 18:05:53 +0100

Sorry folks the Haskell compiler at <http://www.mondrian-script.org> 
doesn't produce Java, yet...

Actually the compiler *does* produce Java but it has been turned off 
as there is no Haskell Prelude for Java yet, that bit is currently 
only for .NET. We'll produce such a Java Prelude when we get the 
time, no promises as to when at present - .NET is our first priority 
at the moment. (For the technically minded the GHC Prelude is a mix 
of Haskell and C, its getting the C stuff converted for JVM/.NET 
which takes the time.)

However there is a Mondrian compiler on the site which does produce 
Java, so maybe that will do you in the meantime.

At 8:48 am -0800 24/11/00, Erik Meijer wrote:
>Have a look at <http://www.mondrian-script.org>
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>>  I was wondering if
>  > Has anybody had access to a Haskell -> Java compiler/translator.
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