GHCi, Hugs (was: Mixture ...)

Ketil Malde
11 Dec 2000 10:43:43 +0100

Koen Claessen <> writes:

[Dead/dying compilers/interpreter]

> I know of nobody who is starting to implement a Haskell
> compiler from scratch. What do people think: is this
> a worrying situation?

Only if the remaining tools are insufficient, IMHO.  It is
questionable whether the Haskell community is large enough to support
the development and maintenance of three compilers and two

Popular languages like Python and Perl have far fewer implementations,
and even C and C++ only really have GCC in the free software world.
It's good to have multiple tools, but at least for me, I can't seem to
get around to try out tools for the sake of doing it, so I'm stuck on
GHC, since it was the first I ran across, and it does an adequate
(actually great, but adequate is sufficient) job of it.

It'd be good if left-behind tools were using a BSD(-like) licence, in
the event that anybody - commercial or otherwise - who wanted to pick
them up again, were free to do so.

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