[Hackathon] who's up for a hackathon? (ICFP, late Aug, early Sept)

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 03:44:42 EDT 2009

On 10/06/2009 16:43, Eric Kow wrote:
> Dear Haskellers,
> ICFP 2009 takes place from Monday 31 August to Wednesday 2 September,
> with the Haskell Symposium following it on 3 September.
> Would anybody be interested having a Haskell Hackathon during this?  My
> thinking is that to catch people who are only going to the Haskell
> Symposium, the best time is the following weekend (4-6 September).
> Otherwise, the weekend before (29-30 August) is also an option and has
> the benefit of catching people before they get tired :-)

Bear in mind the Haskell Implementors Workshop is on the 5th, and there 
may well be folks who want to attend DEFUN (also on 5th).  29-30th works 
best for me.


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