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Thu May 3 12:44:08 UTC 2018

Please do this!

I don’t care what forums or list or whatever. As long as it’s collated and

It could even be on the prime issue tracker for prime proposals.  Just that
it’s written down :)

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 7:17 PM Anthony Clayden <anthony_clayden at>

> On Th, 3 May 2018 at 13:53 UTC, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > I am worried about the signal-to-noise ratio for those poor committee
> members ...
> Thanks Joachim, Yes that's exactly the worry. So please tell the rest of
> us how to best use your collective time.
> First help yourselves/get your own shit together:
> there's now a long discussion on the committee mailing list about the
> specifics of #99. There are good questions, good answers, good ideas. None
> of the rest of use can contribute to that. The committee list is supposed
> to be low volume/decision making only. WTF?
> (That seems to be triggered by one particular committee member who
> seldom/never looks at github, and prefers email discussion. Yous others
> could perhaps coach him?)
> > hmm, some of that sounds like it would be better suited for haskell-cafe,
> StackOverflow, ...
> My point about "sometimes it's more of a niggle" was aimed at exactly your
> (Joachim's) series of proposals 'Resurrect Pattern Signatures'. The
> motivation is it helps "confused beginners". But those beginners won't be
> providing feedback on github. Instead you've got feedback from experienced
> users who've all said they see no point in the proposal. So the discussion
> has gone round and round and spun off other proposals. That whole series of
> discussions would be better happening somewhere else: where?
> David's quite correct
> >> Haskell-cafe might work, but it's a bit tricky to pull up all the
> language extension ideas discussed there.
> My impression is not many people who could help refine a pre-proposal ever
> take part in the cafe.
> Stackoverflow likewise. (I did raise a 'how do I do this?' type question
> there. It was David who responded, thank you. But I ended up answering it
> myself; and it turned out there was already a proposal on the slate.)
> >> My limited experience with glasgow-haskell-users is that it's where
> threads go to die.
> (I did try to continue one of David's threads there a few months ago.) But
> yes, my experience too. And that's sad because it's a wasted resource. I'm
> grateful to Simon for noticing this thread; but most topics I've raised on
> ghc-users have gone nowhere. So then I've tried pursuing them by poaching
> on Trac or github -- which is an abuse, I know.
> > Most vague ideas get better when the proposer is nudged to sit down and write
> it up properly! (And some get dropped in the process, which is also good
> :-)).
> Yes exactly what I'm trying to get to happen. How/where?
> Here's a specific example: there's talk of baking ScopedTypeVariables into
> the H2020 standard. There's also people unhappy with ScopedTypeVariables as
> currently (I'm one, but I don't know if my reservations are the same as
> others'). If we don't have an alternative proposal (and preferably an
> experimental extension) by 2020, the committee can only go with the as
> currently fait accompli or continue the H2010 status quo.
> I can volunteer to at least scrape together all the objections to
> ScopedTypeVariables as currently. It's not yet a proposal, so not on
> github. Start a wiki page? A cafe thread? (It'll get lost.) A ghc-users
> thread? (It'll get ignored.)
> AntC
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