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On Mon, Sep 12, 2016, at 05:53 AM, Clive Lee wrote:
> I am a beginner in a mess over file type
> I wrote a little Haskell source code 6 months ago and returning I find
> the source files have type Haskell Source File”
> When I try to store new source code it fails to load either “not
> found” or “does not contain module or source code” The files all have
> type Text Document even when I try extension “.hs”

"Text document" has a couple different meanings: (1) a file with a
'.txt' extension and (2) a file containing human-readable characters
(filed with non-human readable data are called 'binary'). For Haskell
source you want the second kind, and not the first.

> The “Save as” in Word or NotePad does not give me the option of
> Haskell Source File.
> I’ve even tried to start with my original files (OK load)  but they
> save as Text Documents and then won’t load

By default Windows hides file extensions and programs often add an
extension. Your '.hs' file may actually be a '.hs.txt'. A search for
"windows show file extensions" should help you out.

Word and NotePad will be fussy about file extensions. You need an editor
designed for programming. A good one to start with is NotePad++:

> I’m embarrassed I can’t get over first step – I find the user guide a
> little complicated for a raw  beginner and I must miss something in
> tutorials.

We were all beginners once, so no need to be embarrassed. I hope
this helps.
> Any help appreciated
> Best regards
> Clive
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