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Clive Lee Clive.Lee at
Mon Sep 12 12:53:39 UTC 2016

I am a beginner in a mess over file type
I wrote a little Haskell source code 6 months ago and returning I find the source files have type Haskell Source File"
When I try to store new source code it fails to load either "not found" or "does not contain module or source code"
The files all have type Text Document even when I try extension ".hs"
The "Save as" in Word or NotePad does not give me the option of Haskell Source File.
I've even tried to start with my original files (OK load)  but they save as Text Documents and then won't load
I'm embarrassed I can't get over first step - I find the user guide a little complicated for a raw  beginner and I must miss something in tutorials.

Any help appreciated
Best regards

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