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Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Jul 20 19:56:45 UTC 2016

Alexander Berntsen <alexander at> writes:

> On 20/07/16 19:04, Ben Gamari wrote:
>> I know, it's rather frustrating. I also have fairly strong feelings
>>  about open-source purity, but in this case I just don't see any
>> way to improve the current situation under this constraint.
> I don't think that starting to rely on proprietary software *is* an
> improvement, but the opposite.
This is a bit of a judgement call. I know this is a long-contested
issue, but personally for me it puts me at ease if,

 * the proprietary code is running on someone else's machine

 * I can use the application with open tools (a web browser of your
   choice, git, and an email client)

 * I can get my data out if needed

>> It does look like Gitlab is an impressive option but really then
>> we are back to the problem of fragmented development tools. Using
>> Trac, Phabricator, Gitlab, and mailing lists all in one project
>> seems a bit silly.
> I don't understand why using GitLab is more silly than using GitHub,
> when considering fragmentation.

When put this way my argument does indeed sound a bit silly. :-)

Perhaps it's not. I think the difference is that we would
be consolidating on a platform which much of the Haskell community
already uses in their non-GHC development.


- Ben
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