Binary bloat in 7.10

Jeremy voldermort at
Wed Apr 1 13:40:16 UTC 2015

Roman Cheplyaka-2 wrote
> I'm not denying (or confirming) your claim, but it would look more
> legitimate if you compared the same version of Cabal compiled with
> different versions of GHC.
> At least some of this bloat could be because Cabal simply gained more
> code.

I was going to prove you wrong by identifying packages which have barely
changed for 7.10 ... and found that those packages were a similar size to
their 7.8 versions.

However, the size increase in other packages is huge, and "simply gained
more code" doesn't seem like an adequate explanation, with some package more
than doubling.

Here are the full results:


34M     Cabal-
3.8M    array-
50M     base-
52M     bin
368K    bin-package-db-
2.7M    binary-
5.4M    bytestring-
9.4M    containers-
196K    deepseq-
608K    directory-
740K    filepath-
105M    ghc-7.8.4
2.7M    ghc-prim-
8.7M    haskeline-
3.4M    hoopl-
1020K   hpc-
556K    integer-gmp-
680K    pretty-
684K    process-
1.6M    rts-1.0
13M     template-haskell-
1.4M    terminfo-
6.1M    time-1.4.2
4.4M    transformers-
5.2M    unix-


83M     Cabal_HWT8QvVfJLn2ubvobpycJY
3.7M    array_FaHmcBFfuRM8kmZLEY8D5S
52M     base_I5BErHzyOm07EBNpKBEeUv
56M     bin
2.9M    binar_EKE3c9Lmxb3DQpU0fPtru6
832K    binpa_JNoexmBMuO8C771QaIy3YN
5.7M    bytes_6vj5EoliHgNHISHCVCb069
11M     conta_47ajk3tbda43DFWyeF3oHQ
432K    deeps_FpR4obOZALU1lutWnrBldi
912K    direc_3TcTyYedch32o1zTH2MR00
796K    filep_5HhyRonfEZoDO205Wm9E4h
113M    ghc_EMlWrQ42XY0BNVbSrKixqY
2.9M    ghcpr_8TmvWUcS1U1IKHT0levwg3
8.9M    haske_IlDhIe25uAn0WJY379Nu1M
3.4M    hoopl_JxODiSRz1e84NbH6nnZuUk
1.1M    hpc_CmUUQl5bURfBueJrdYfNs3
1.3M    integ_2aU3IZNMF9a7mQ0OzsZ0dS
1.8M    prett_7jIfj8VCGFf1WS0tIQ1XSZ
764K    proce_0hwN3CTKynhHQqQkChnSdH
1.7M    rts
19M     templ_BVMCZyLwIlfGfcqqzyUAI8
1.4M    termi_7qZwBlx3clR8sTBilJl253
6.2M    time_Hh2clZW6in4HpYHx5bLtb7
7.3M    trans_ALYlebOVzVI4kxbFX5SGhm
5.4M    unix_G4Yo1pNtYrk8nCq1cx8P9d

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