Binary bloat in 7.10

Roman Cheplyaka roma at
Wed Apr 1 12:23:44 UTC 2015

On 01/04/15 12:30, Jeremy wrote:
> Why do the 7.10 libraries take up so much more space than 7.8? For example,
> using the same build options and strip --strip-unneeded, 7.8 leaves me with
> 15M     libHSCabal-
> 17M     HSCabal-
> whereas 7.10 balloons to
> 23M     HSCabal-
> 53M     libHSCabal-

I'm not denying (or confirming) your claim, but it would look more
legitimate if you compared the same version of Cabal compiled with
different versions of GHC.

At least some of this bloat could be because Cabal simply gained more code.


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