Discovery of source dependencies without --make

Lars Hupel lars at
Tue Nov 25 10:33:56 UTC 2014

> the only reason you do these in individual steps is that you need to
> pass different flags, or are there other reasons?

Not only that – we also want to be able to distinguish compilation
errors between "caused by students" and "we broke something". Under the
assumption that compilation for library files always succeeds, this is
not an issue for the first two stages.

> Have you tried putting the pragma {-# LANGUAGE Safe #-} as the first
> line into the submission file? I’m not sure how safe that actually is,
> but at least
>         {-# LANGUAGE Safe #-}
>         {-# LANGUAGE Trustworthy #-}
>         module Foo where
>         import Unsafe.Coerce
> is rejected by 7.6.3. This way, it could work with a single invocation
> of --make.

I'll let others comment on how safe that is since it does look a little
bit fragile. It could work, though.


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