RFC: changes to -i flag for finding source files

Simon Hengel sol at typeful.net
Fri Apr 25 17:34:13 UTC 2014

> I want to propose something really simple that would avoid this
> problem with minimal additional complexity:
>   ghc -iGraphics.UI.Gtk=src
> the meaning of this flag is that when searching for modules, ghc
> will look for the module Graphics.UI.Gtk.Button in src/Button.hs,
> rather than src/Graphics/UI/Gtk/Button.hs.  The source file itself
> is unchanged: it still begins with "module Graphics.UI.Gtk.Button
> ...".

My initial reaction is "not so excited".  Personally, I favor convention
over configuration + it makes tooling more complicated.  But my personal
preferences aside:

 - Will this lead to further fragmentation in the community (some will
   like it / some will hate it)?

 - If the paths are too complicated for a library author to manage,
   maybe that is an indicator that the imports are too complicate to
   manage for a user of that library, too?


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