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Indeed, there is no reason not to use Ian et al's Builder stuff.  It's one of the options.  But it depends on a critical evaluation of what the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches are


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| Hi,
| I'm curious why not to use what's already written by Ian and others and
| which is currently running again? E.g. Janos Gabor Pali was so nice to
| start and keep builder server running on
| Just few are there, but others may be added. Just send email to Janos to
| get the credentials and more information about what to get from where
| (recent builder client is needed).
| Perhaps we shall more advertise this option on GHC's builder wiki page?
| Thanks,
| Karel
| On 04/ 1/14 01:11 PM, Joachim Breitner wrote:
| > Hence: Travis is _not_ going to be a solution for us; we will want our
| > own infrastructure.
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