GHC API: modInfoIsExportedName, String -> Name?

Daniel Trstenjak daniel.trstenjak at
Sun Oct 20 18:11:39 UTC 2013

Hi Ranjit,

> I should have added that you should call them after compiling the
> particular target (or with the environment obtained after compiling
> from a particular target) did you do that?

I don't compile anything in my context, but I'm just reading the
information of already compiled modules/packages.

So if I'm using 'lookupRdrNameInModule' instead of 'tcRnLookupRdrName',
than I'm getting the desired information, perhaps that's the difference
between your and my use case.

But now I'm seeing, that my previous profiling was a bit halfhearted
and I missed the real hot spot.

After adding several cost centres by hand, I'm seeing that
getModuleInfo takes up the most time.

Does anyone know why that's the case, why getModuleInfo is so costly
and if there's an other way to get the exports of a module?

Most allocations seem to be done by getModuleInfo, so getModuleInfo
seems to create the data structures holding the complete module

So there's presumably little hope to get this information faster, right?


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