love for hpc?

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at
Thu Nov 7 05:29:24 UTC 2013


if  you want to get involved in working on HPC, go for it! theres many many
pieces of ghc that need more proactive ownership.

i should probably use HPC a bit as i start getting my numerical libs out,
and i'm sure future me will appreciate current you working on making it


On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 12:03 AM, Evan Laforge <qdunkan at> wrote:

> Is anyone out there using HPC?  It seems like it was gotten into a
> more or less working if not ideal state, and then abandoned.
> Things I've noticed lately:
> The GHC runtime just quits on the spot if there's already a tix file.
> This bit me when I was parallelizing tests.  It's also completely
> unsafe when run concurrently, mostly it just overwrites the file,
> sometimes it quits.  Sure to cause headaches for someone trying to
> parallelize tests.
> You can't change the name of the output tix file, so I worked around
> by hardlinking the binary to a bunch of new ones, and then doing 'hpc
> sum' on the results.
> The hpc command is super slow.  It might have to do with it doing its
> parsing with Prelude's 'read', and it certainly doesn't help the error
> msgs.
> And the whole thing is generally minimally documented.
> I can already predict the answer will be "yes, HPC could use some
> love, roll up your sleeves and welcome!"  It does look like it could
> be improved a lot with just a bit of effort, but that would be a yak
> too far for me, at the moment.  I'm presently just curious if anyone
> else out there is using it, and if they feel like it could do with a
> bit of polishing.
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