love for hpc?

Evan Laforge qdunkan at
Thu Nov 7 05:03:48 UTC 2013

Is anyone out there using HPC?  It seems like it was gotten into a
more or less working if not ideal state, and then abandoned.

Things I've noticed lately:

The GHC runtime just quits on the spot if there's already a tix file.
This bit me when I was parallelizing tests.  It's also completely
unsafe when run concurrently, mostly it just overwrites the file,
sometimes it quits.  Sure to cause headaches for someone trying to
parallelize tests.

You can't change the name of the output tix file, so I worked around
by hardlinking the binary to a bunch of new ones, and then doing 'hpc
sum' on the results.

The hpc command is super slow.  It might have to do with it doing its
parsing with Prelude's 'read', and it certainly doesn't help the error

And the whole thing is generally minimally documented.

I can already predict the answer will be "yes, HPC could use some
love, roll up your sleeves and welcome!"  It does look like it could
be improved a lot with just a bit of effort, but that would be a yak
too far for me, at the moment.  I'm presently just curious if anyone
else out there is using it, and if they feel like it could do with a
bit of polishing.

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