any successfull ghc registerised builds on arm?

Nathan Hüsken nathan.huesken at
Mon Jan 14 18:15:18 CET 2013

In a different thread (Error building ghc on raspberry pi):

On 01/08/2013 12:27 PM, Thijs Alkemade wrote:(...)
> I did eventually finish building stage2, but the final executable
segfaulted on start.
> I haven't investigated much why that happened, the days it takes to
rebuild it just
> made me give up.

Was that an registerised or unregisterised build?
Did anyone succesfully build ghc on an arm system which produces non
crashing executables?

I am asking, because I build a arm-linux-androideabi cross compiler, but
the executables crash.
Only in an unregisterised build, they work.

So I wonder if it is a general arm problem or has to do with android.


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