Problems with installing dph

Ben Lippmeier benl at
Wed Aug 14 07:16:49 CEST 2013

On 13/08/2013, at 9:40 PM, Jan Clemens Gehrke wrote:

> Hi Glasgow-Haskell-Users, 
> I'm trying to get started with DPH and have some problems. 
> If i try getting DPH with 
> cabal install dph-examples 
> I get to warnings numerous times. The first warning is: 
> You are using a new version of LLVM that hasn't been tested yet! 
> We will try though... 
> and the second one: 
> Warning: vectorisation failure: identityConvTyCon: type constructor contains parallel arrays [::] 
>   Could NOT call vectorised from original version 

You can safely ignore this.

> Cabal finishes with: 
> Installing executable(s) in /home/clemens/.cabal/bin 
> Installed dph-examples- 
> If i try compiling the first example from 
> with 
> ghc -c -Odph -fdph-par DotP.hs 
> i get 
> ghc: unrecognised flags: -fdph-par 

The wiki page is old and badly needs updating. We removed the -fdph-par flag about a year ago.

Check the dph-examples packages for the correct compiler flags to use, eg:

-eventlog -rtsopts -threaded -fllvm -Odph -package dph-lifted-vseg -fcpr-off -fsimpl-tick-factor=1000

Also note that DPH is still an experimental voyage into theoretical computer science. It should compile programs, and you should be able to run them, but they won't be fast enough to solve any of your actual problems.


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