Call to arms: lambda-case is stuck and needs your help

wagnerdm at wagnerdm at
Thu Jul 5 17:22:38 CEST 2012

Quoting Mikhail Vorozhtsov <mikhail.vorozhtsov at>:

> After 21 months of occasional arguing the lambda-case proposal(s) is  
> in danger of being buried under its own trac ticket comments. We  
> need fresh blood to finally reach an agreement on the syntax. Read  
> the wiki page[1], take a look at the ticket[2], vote and comment on  
> the proposals!
> P.S. I'm CC-ing Cafe to attract more people, but please keep the  
> discussion to the GHC Users list.
> [1]
> [2]

Well, for what it's worth, my vote goes for a multi-argument \case. I  
find the comment on the wiki page about mistyping "\case Just x"  
instead of "\case (Just x)" a lot a bit disingenuous, since you  
already need these parens with today's lambda. The complaint that  
multi-argument cases are unorthodox doesn't really hold a lot of  
weight with me -- much more serious things than syntax have changed in  
GHC compared to the Report!

Is there a more formal way to cast votes...?

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