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Mon Jan 2 13:35:25 CET 2012

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 07:51:39AM -0500, Ryan Newton wrote:
> I haven't entirely followed this and I see that it's been split over
> multiple threads.
> Did "cabal install random" actually fail for you under
> ghc-  If so I'd love to know about it as the maintainer
> of the "random" package.  (It seems to work for me for
> random-

"cabal install random" 
cannot run in my situation, because I have not  cabal  usable in the 
command line (I only have the Cabal library in the place where the   
ghc- libraries are installed).
My idea is that having installed GHC, I use the GHC packages and, probably, 
do not need to install Cabal (why complicate things?, why force a DoCon 
user to install extra software?). 

> That said, I'm sure AC-random is a fine alternative, and there are
> many other packages on Hackage as well, including cryptographic
> strength ones (crypto-api, intel-aes, etc).

I tried AC-Random, and see that it suggests just different classes, 
with different operations. So that all the Random instances in my 
application must be re-programmed. So is the consequence of being out of 
Standard, and out of GHC !

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