proposal: separate lists for ghc-cvs commits and ghc-dev chatter

Roman Cheplyaka roma at
Thu Dec 6 17:25:49 CET 2012

* Sean Leather <leather at> [2012-12-06 14:23:27+0100]
> I think the last two things (tickets and commit messages) should be
> separate from a mailing that is intended for (email-only) discussion. The
> content may be human-generated, but:
> (1) The number of messages is overwhelming. Alternatively stated, if you
> consider each ticket or commit message a different thread (which many email
> clients do), the number of different threads is large.
> (2) The commit messages do not all lead to conversations, and most of the
> discussion on tickets takes place on Trac with every message duplicated to
> the list.

+1. I'd like to follow GHC development discussions, but getting all the
commits is too much.


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