proposal: separate lists for ghc-cvs commits and ghc-dev chatter

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at
Thu Dec 6 03:31:32 CET 2012

hey all,
It seems to me (and i've certainly heard other people echo this sentiment)
that: ghc dev chatting gets buried in the huge volume of commit + build
report emails, and that creates (perhaps) another barrier to involvement in
ghc dev at the hobbyist (rather than part time/full time ) scale?

So my question for the community (and of course current ghc devs )

1) do others agree that theres value in separating the two?

2) would this just be another use  of the ghc-users list or would it be
worth having a ghc-dev list?

3) most importantly, would the folks actively involved in ghc dev be
willing/able to  do so?

That said, it does seem like the majority of the interesting ghc-dev
chatter is on Trac issues, which is a good thing, though theres lots of
interesting wee nuggets buried on the ghc-cvs list intermittently

I hope this question makes sense for y'all!
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