Windows build problems

Bill Tutt bill at
Fri Sep 16 03:01:54 CEST 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 6:00 PM, Daniel Fischer
< at> wrote:
>> flex appears to be required from integer-gmp's ./configure for one of
>> GMP's demo programs. (a calculator demo I think)
> I can't find anything indicating that on linux, so it'd be probably be due
> to using the in-tree gmp on Windows? But the only mention of flex that
> seems possibly relevant is

integer-gmp/gmp/gmpbuild/ has AM_PROG_LEX which requires (f)lex.
it also has AC_PROG_YACC which I'd guess requires yacc/bison.

>> I'm trying to see if a slightly newer msys installation process as
>> listed in the Trac bug will take care of it.
> If you get it to work, I'd appreciate detailed (Windows is so far utterly
> incomprehensible to me, so they'd better be very explicit) instructions.

I feel your pain. The Windows instructions could definately use some
updating. :)

I ended up getting an error during stage 2 about the iconv.dll not
being findable. (I'm guessing the new msys/mingw autosmarted GHC
boot/configure or cabal configure process somehow ....)

ghc-stage2 was trying to build vector-0.8 and failed during Loading
package base ... (due to not finding iconv.dll)

>> However, last night I got a stage 1 ghc seg fault while compiling some
>> Haskell code further along in the build.
> Perhaps compiling GHC.Debug.hs? That's where I get a stage1 segfault on
> linux when bootstrapping with 7.2.1, cf

That sounds like it. I'll go back and look at that after I see how bad
the iconv issue is to chase down.
That msys install the wiki points everybody at really is ancient. :)


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