ghc-7.0.2 on macports wanted

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Fri Mar 11 15:21:52 CET 2011

On 11/03/11 11:01, Christian Maeder wrote:
> Am 11.03.2011 11:32, schrieb Max Bolingbroke:
>> On 10 March 2011 17:51, Christian Maeder<Christian.Maeder at>  wrote:
>>> Why does the base package depend on iconv only on macs? iconv is not
>>> needed under linux or solaris (unless you install haskeline, which is
>>> not in the platform.
>> I don't have access to a Linux box to check, but according to the
>> source code iconv should be required on any platform except Win32.
> Maybe it is statically linked into the base package

No, iconv is part of libc on Linux.

> And maybe this
> could be done on Macs with a locally installed static iconv lib?
>> Could we do something here to make GHC compatible with either iconv?
>> For example, on OS X we could weakly link base against both iconv_*
>> and libiconv_* and then have the hs_iconv_* functions dispatch to the
>> first non-null function of the two.
> No idea.
>> Alternatively, perhaps it would be sufficient to have bases'
>> "extra-lib-dirs" include /usr/lib/? I guess this would only work if
>> GHC arranges to put -L/usr/lib at the very front of the link line,
>> though.
> It did not help to just add "/usr/lib" to library-dirs or "-L/usr/lib"
> to ld-options of base's package.conf file.
> Maybe it would help to add /usr/lib to those packages that add
> /opt/local/lib?
>> Some sort of solution here would eliminate a lot of pain and suffering
>> on the part of OS X GHC users :-)
> I agree, C.

We'd be happy to apply any suitable workaround.


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